UIPSnap - Windows Forms "serialization" (C# / .NET)

Technologies: .NET (C #), Windows Forms, Reflection, XML

UIPSnap (User Interface Property Snap) is a software library for storing and restoring the state of .NET Forms user interfaces. With only a few lines of code, properties of all the controls contained in a form (eg position, size but also selections and much more) can be transferred into an XML format and stored, for example, in a file or database.

Especially extensive user interfaces, which are composed of many simple elements, are ideal for this purpose. By specifying the order and special properties filters, you can customize the serialization process.


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Example Code:

UIPSnap snap = new UIPSnap(); 
string xml = snap.toXML(this); 
File.WriteAllText("uistate.xml", xml);


Example GUI:



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